Welcome to Tailorchick Productions!

We are a sewing information and sewing event company!


Our goal is to plan, organize and present  creative and informative sewing seminars, workshops, day classes and  specialized sewing events that will inform and assist the non professional seamstress and seamster to better express their own creativity through sewing. Our efforts are aimed and inclusive of the beginner sewing person, but we are also aimed at the individual who may have been sewing for a while, but wants to expand or refine  their "hands on" knowledge of  the art and skill of sewing. 


Passing on the knowledge needed to get started or to continue on a personal sewing journey!

 Many people want to learn how to sew because they have  many creative design ideas in their mind and thoughts. They may feel  that they  could really  express and communcate their design ideas to others well, if only they knew how to sew or knew how to sew better.


Others desire  to sew because they want to create the kind of  everyday garments that they themselves like to wear, that expresses their own personal sense of  fashion style, and that will fit them properly and be well made.


Whatever the individual interest or skills level in sewing may be, Tailorchick Productions wants to help  the sewing person and the sewing community gain access to  the knowledge that is needed to effectively get their creative ideas from their thoughts and into fabric.

Thank you for stopping by Tailorchick Productions!